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Building a Pi Telescope

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Building a Raspberry Pi Telescope based off this design from It started just before Donald J. Trump decided to furlough us for 34 days. I got the 3-D parts printed free at my works library. Most people get trinkets like Star Wars or Star Trek memorabilia printed so the staff member was interested in what I had to print. Using my old Pi2 just collecting dust, a 2MP pi camera and a sonotube (used for cement forms) given to me by a next door office mate at work. He suggested to get vinyl wrap which proved hard to put on a round tube (it doesn’t help that I lost the squeegee, blade and scissors I got with it when I ordered it in 2019 off ebay. Should have bought the kit from UK but it was around Christmas 2018 and I didn’t want to wait 2 weeks to receive the mirror so I got one from Amazon for $39. Should be done soon.

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